Never Having to Say You Are Sorry is True IT Security

ReputationThe latest company that has had to do a public mea culpa regarding security is the social media darling Snapchat. Not like it was something they readily jumped on considering the ‘apology’ came yesterday, a full week plus removed from the New Year’s incident that exposed about 4.6 million of the 8 million users’ usernames and phone numbers.

cnet reports

Love is supposed to mean never having to say you’re sorry. But Snapchat has expressed both love and apologies for a bug that caused headaches for the millions of users whose names and phone numbers were exposed unexpectedly.

Triangle Based LenovoEMC Venture Produces New Server

Lenovoemc logoTwo of the larger Triangle tech entities, Lenovo and EMC, joined forces back in 2012, which they creatively called LenovoEMC. The latest production of this pairing is a server that is designed to serve the smaller business market (as opposed to the small business market?). It will be in the $1,400 range.

WRAL TechWire reported

“The px4-400r is a powerful rackmount array designed for companies and distributed enterprises, especially those that are focused on expanding or replacing their storage infrastructure with a value-oriented network storage solution that delivers solid business performance,” said Wenping Gao, Vice President of Global OEM Storage & Enterprise Product Group at Lenovo. “The px4-400r is fully armed with advanced professional features that enable business users to store, manage and protect their mission critical data with the superior reliability and confidence needed in today’s business environment.”

Infographic: IT Salary Guide 2013

IT Salary Guide Infographic PreviewTechTarget’s Search-CIO has posted an infographic that is every IT leadership person’s nightmare and every IT employee’s battle cry.

What do people in IT make?

Of course, what you make can be influenced by many factors. For profit or non-profit company? Where is the job located? Is the position a contract or full-time option? What are the actual responsibilities of the business? If there is a lower salary is there a potential to have skin in the game with options etc?

Click through to see the entire infographic. You may or may not like what you see.

Local Cary Company Helping Independent Schools Figure Out Tech Needs

SchoolDude LogoSchoolDude is teaming with the National Business Officers Association (NBOA) to help independent schools better understand their ever increasing IT infrastructure needs.

As it should be, schools are about educating people not necessarily being tech experts. With the change in education delivery as more ‘classroom’ environments move online, schools are being forced to be more technologically savvy. The trouble is that since there are so many different ways to approach any technology issue or concern it often leaves organizations in s perpetual holding pattern. This study, as reported by WRAL TechWire is aimed at adding some form to the theory.

First HITECH Fines Meted Out for 2011 Breach

HIPPA-HITECHWe talk about compliance in the data center world all the time. In fact, the idea of being PCI compliant for financial records (you did see what happened to Target recently right?) or in the medical records world being HIPAA/HITECH compliant has become a throwaway statement.

Well, when you get too comfortable with something to the point that the threat (in this case of fines due to non-compliancy) is no longer seen as even a possibility there is nothing like a little reality check to bring it all back into sharp focus.

HP Job Cuts Should Make IT Folks Think A Little

HP LogoHP is announcing deeper job cuts as we roll into 2014.

Data Center Journal reports

Citing challenging business conditions, PC maker Hewlett-Packard (HP) has expanded its plan to cut jobs in 2014, raising the number of out-of-luck employees from 29,000 to 34,000. According to The Street, HP employed about 317,500 workers as of October 31 of last year. The recent slide in PC sales has been tough for the company, which at one point had considered divesting its PC sales business. The restructuring project under the leadership of CEO Meg Whitman includes more than just job cuts; the company plans to also consolidate data center and real estate holdings, with the project’s price tag expected to exceed $4.1 billion, according to ZDNet.

New Devices from the Holidays? Here’s the Apps You Need

AppsAs part of the offering / service I would like to provide here at is giving some fun data.

We are starting a new year and the likelihood that folks in the tech space got new ‘toys’ is pretty high. As a result the folks over at The Verge put together a pretty neat selection of what apps you should have no matter what device you now are trying to get in shape.

The list is here and it should be helpful.

SMBs and the Importance of Updated Technology

Happy new year, everyone.

This infographic is nice light-hearted start to the new year. It has some admittedly Microsoft-centric statements (like the one about cloud based email, which would have been more accurately described in the context of domain name email, IMO) but it’s a thought provoking piece. (Click image to enlarge)

Enjoy and I look forward to a good 2014.


Are You Cloud Bound in 2014? Some Questions to Ponder On Your Way

Cloud ComputingThe cloud! The cloud! It reminds me of Mr. Roarke’s assistant Tattoo screaming “The plane! The plane!” way back when on the ancient TV show “Fantasy Island”.

So many people are screaming about the cloud but even fewer truly know about the cloud. In other words, there is a fair amount of misinformation out there about cloud computing and it is hurting the industry, in my opinion. Having an Internet marketing background it reminds me of the same track SEO (search engine optimization) took. Anyone and everyone defined the practice to the point that it became anything and everything thus nothing.

2013 Data Center Outage Highlights

reddit-down-awsAs someone who works in the data center business it’s never good to talk about outages. Sure you can say something about a competitor and problems they may have had but overall that comes of rather poorly and unprofessional. Why? Because the data center business is technology and as those of you reading this who work in any aspect of technology knows, stuff happens.

Redundancies are built in. Systems are monitored. Yet still there are outages that occur. Once again we can ask why and the simplest answer is that this is a complex business and, once again, stuff happens.