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Are You Cloud Bound in 2014? Some Questions to Ponder On Your Way

Cloud ComputingThe cloud! The cloud! It reminds me of Mr. Roarke’s assistant Tattoo screaming “The plane! The plane!” way back when on the ancient TV show “Fantasy Island”.

So many people are screaming about the cloud but even fewer truly know about the cloud. In other words, there is a fair amount of misinformation out there about cloud computing and it is hurting the industry, in my opinion. Having an Internet marketing background it reminds me of the same track SEO (search engine optimization) took. Anyone and everyone defined the practice to the point that it became anything and everything thus nothing.

Predictions About the Cloud for 2014 and More

CIO LogoOne of the things I hope to accomplish here at is to simply pass along some interesting content that might help you understand a concept better or just give you an idea.

This is a good example of what I am talking about.

From we get two articles, 10 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014 and CIO’s Should Learn the Two Metrics That Matter.