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What Does the Cloud Mean to You?

Cloud ImageCloud computing is now a ubiquitous concept. Everyone knows about it at a cocktail party level (“Why yes our IT is in the cloud!”, “Well, of course we are in the cloud, who isn’t?”) but when you get down to brass tacks, the cloud can mean any number of different things.

Here are a few of the high level concepts in cloud computing that you may hear or may want to learn more about. You may even disagree with my definitions. That’s fine because there is no real cloud institute with standardized definitions (at least not that I am aware of at least).

As Marketing Struggles To Keep Pace Will IT Come to the Rescue?

A recent study shows that social media engagement from the customer side is way up but marketers can’t keep pace.

The report by Sprout Social and repackaged by eMarketer shows the following response times and response rates for various industries and the numbers are not very impressive.

Social Media Response Times

The popular question here at a data center centric blog is “What does this have to do with data centers and IT?”. Well, that may be something IT needs to seriously consider. As the IT function becomes more and more integrated with the entire organization it is incumbent upon those with the technical know how to offer technical solutions to the business problems that other disciplines are facing and, in essence, creating.

Is the Net Neutrality Concern Really a Concern?

Net NeutralityWith the ruling handed down yesterday by a US court of Appeals there is a lot of conversation about net neutrality. The trouble is that no one seems to truly understand it or the ramifications of the ruling completely. That is in addition to the impact that any rulings about the freedom of the Internet is going to impact so many different groups in so many different ways, it’s nearly impossible to gauge. Since it’s about the law that really shouldn’t surprise many.

Some of the reporting I am seeing includes from The Verge

Trends Gaining Momentum That the CIO Needs to Be Aware of in 2014

Crystal BallA list was posted yesterday in InformationWeek that looked at the latest trends that the business aware CIO should be keeping an eye on in the upcoming year.

Honestly, there was nothing earth shattering. As with many lists like this they tend to echo some of the same things that were just as important in the year prior’s list. This one is not much different.

The list was produced by Sunil Manglore, MD, of CA Technologies and the highlights were as follows.

Triangle Based LenovoEMC Venture Produces New Server

Lenovoemc logoTwo of the larger Triangle tech entities, Lenovo and EMC, joined forces back in 2012, which they creatively called LenovoEMC. The latest production of this pairing is a server that is designed to serve the smaller business market (as opposed to the small business market?). It will be in the $1,400 range.

WRAL TechWire reported

“The px4-400r is a powerful rackmount array designed for companies and distributed enterprises, especially those that are focused on expanding or replacing their storage infrastructure with a value-oriented network storage solution that delivers solid business performance,” said Wenping Gao, Vice President of Global OEM Storage & Enterprise Product Group at Lenovo. “The px4-400r is fully armed with advanced professional features that enable business users to store, manage and protect their mission critical data with the superior reliability and confidence needed in today’s business environment.”

Infographic: IT Salary Guide 2013

IT Salary Guide Infographic PreviewTechTarget’s Search-CIO has posted an infographic that is every IT leadership person’s nightmare and every IT employee’s battle cry.

What do people in IT make?

Of course, what you make can be influenced by many factors. For profit or non-profit company? Where is the job located? Is the position a contract or full-time option? What are the actual responsibilities of the business? If there is a lower salary is there a potential to have skin in the game with options etc?

Click through to see the entire infographic. You may or may not like what you see.

New Devices from the Holidays? Here’s the Apps You Need

AppsAs part of the offering / service I would like to provide here at is giving some fun data.

We are starting a new year and the likelihood that folks in the tech space got new ‘toys’ is pretty high. As a result the folks over at The Verge put together a pretty neat selection of what apps you should have no matter what device you now are trying to get in shape.

The list is here and it should be helpful.

Welcome to

welcome-mouse-padThis is a bit of an experiment.

The idea is to be a disseminator of information about the data center world. It is to be provider agnostic although the admin of the site (that would be me, Frank Reed) is an account executive with Peak 10 located in Morrisville.

The point of this site is be a new clearinghouse of sorts and to share some interesting pieces of information that either relate directly to data center business or to related issues which could consist of just about anything.

Hopefully you will find the daily information useful and will keep coming back.