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SunGard Availability Services To Operate Independently Moving Forward

SunGard AS logoSunGard is making a change in their business structure that splits off their availability services to run separately. Data Center Knowledge reports

SunGard Data Systems will split off its Availability Services business, which operates its data centers and disaster recovery business. The Sungard Availability business unit will be spun off into a separate company to its existing stockholders, including its private equity owners, in a tax-free transaction. The new company will continue to use the SunGard Availability Services name. SunGard says customers should see no impact from the change.

HP Job Cuts Should Make IT Folks Think A Little

HP LogoHP is announcing deeper job cuts as we roll into 2014.

Data Center Journal reports

Citing challenging business conditions, PC maker Hewlett-Packard (HP) has expanded its plan to cut jobs in 2014, raising the number of out-of-luck employees from 29,000 to 34,000. According to The Street, HP employed about 317,500 workers as of October 31 of last year. The recent slide in PC sales has been tough for the company, which at one point had considered divesting its PC sales business. The restructuring project under the leadership of CEO Meg Whitman includes more than just job cuts; the company plans to also consolidate data center and real estate holdings, with the project’s price tag expected to exceed $4.1 billion, according to ZDNet.

2013 Data Center Outage Highlights

reddit-down-awsAs someone who works in the data center business it’s never good to talk about outages. Sure you can say something about a competitor and problems they may have had but overall that comes of rather poorly and unprofessional. Why? Because the data center business is technology and as those of you reading this who work in any aspect of technology knows, stuff happens.

Redundancies are built in. Systems are monitored. Yet still there are outages that occur. Once again we can ask why and the simplest answer is that this is a complex business and, once again, stuff happens.