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Is 2015 Your ‘Year of the Cloud’?

CloudSlowly but surely the term cloud is becoming less marketing hype and more reality for businesses of all types.

I will not be ‘that guy’ who says that the cloud is the ‘end all and be all’ for everyone. That kind of statement is, well, stupid. It likely came from a sales guy looking to hit a quota (of which there are many and, for full disclosure’s sake, I am one of them). If the statistics bare out, those who are shopping for cloud services are less likely to listen to my kind since a lot of your research has already been done before we speak and you don’t need a pitch, you need a solution.

How Well Do You Know Your Cloud Provider?

OwnershipNote: I am a business development executive for Peak 10 and we offer cloud services.

Why do I tell you that? Well, for one, you may not have read the About page for this blog. Two, it’s the right thing to do so if there is a perceived bias I am ‘in the open’ about it. And three, it’s the right thing to do.

Salesforce Essentials in Raleigh – A Few Takeaways

Salesforce logoYesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by an event that Salesforce did in Raleigh at the Crabtree Marriott called Salesforce Essentials.

Aside from a scheduling glitch that likely cost more than a few attendees valuable time (originally the invite went out with the wrong hotel listed and the communication to correct that was lacking a bit) the presentation was pretty cool.

Salesforce positions themselves as the ultimate cloud company. No software! And it obviously works as they claimed 130,000 attendees to their Dreamforce conference this year in San Francisco.

NCTA Emerging Tech + Trends Event Addresses In-House or Outsource Data Center Needs

NCTANCTA ( North Carolina Technology Association) had its latest Emerging Tech + Trends event at the Sentinel Data Center facility in Durham this morning. For full disclosure Peak 10 is a sponsor of this series but since we are talking about our ‘competitor’ it all comes out in the wash, right 😉 ?

The event was titled “Next Gen Enterprise Data Centers – Build or Outsource?” and the panel was a group of local ‘heavy hitters’ which included:

Paul Hines, VP Operations & Engineering – Sentinel Data Centers
Jo Abernathy, CIO – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC
Joe Freddoso, President & CEO – MCNC
Enoch Moeller, IT Site Leader – Google
Billy Willis, CTO – Duke University Health System