About This Site

aboutIconRaleighdatacenter.com is about information as it relates to the world of data centers. It will have no design elements, just information. If you want to be informed this is the place. If you want a pretty destination this ain’t it.

Some of the areas we will cover here include:

– Co-location

– Managed Services

– Disaster Recovery

– Cloud

– General IT information

– and more as the mood strikes

Keep coming back. The information will be about data centers in general and there will be a local flare as often as possible.

The point of this blog / site / whatever it is you want to call it is to inform. The idea is to be a clearinghouse of sorts for information about data centers and all things that can happen relating to the data center space.

If you really think about it, with the definition above it means that we could touch on just about any subject relating to IT and technology that makes business happen.

So keep coming back. There will be no forms to fill out, no offers to take advantage of, no selling and no advertising (of course, we reserve the right to pull the rug right out from under this proclamation at any time and have zero guilt about it).

About the Author

Frank Reed is an Account Executive with Peak 10 Raleigh (which serves Morrisville, Cary (heck, let’s just say the Triangle). He was the editor of Marketing Pilgrim for many years and understands that people like information but they don’t like to hunt for it. That’s why this site exists (oh and let’s be real honest here, it’s to get some publicity for himself and for his work). In fact, don’t be afraid to reach out to him at (frank.reed AT peak10 DOT com) or on LinkedIn.

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