Triangle Based LenovoEMC Venture Produces New Server

Lenovoemc logoTwo of the larger Triangle tech entities, Lenovo and EMC, joined forces back in 2012, which they creatively called LenovoEMC. The latest production of this pairing is a server that is designed to serve the smaller business market (as opposed to the small business market?). It will be in the $1,400 range.

WRAL TechWire reported

“The px4-400r is a powerful rackmount array designed for companies and distributed enterprises, especially those that are focused on expanding or replacing their storage infrastructure with a value-oriented network storage solution that delivers solid business performance,” said Wenping Gao, Vice President of Global OEM Storage & Enterprise Product Group at Lenovo. “The px4-400r is fully armed with advanced professional features that enable business users to store, manage and protect their mission critical data with the superior reliability and confidence needed in today’s business environment.”

In an already crowded space new entries like this make it even harder for IT folks to determine what is the best ‘bang for their buck’. From a purely marketing perspective it is a pairing of two very well known and stable companies that could make this offering attractive.

The old adage of “no one ever got fired for hiring IBM” doesn’t hold quite as much weight as it once did but the general concept still applies. In other words, buying something that has been developed by these two tech giants can give someone a sense of stability and confidence that other brands may not. I realize that is purely a marketing perspective but it is real.

When you are purchasing are you looking for the cheapest or the best? Since those two rarely exist in the same piece of equipment what are some of the determining factors in your decision making process? Does brand play a part or is it all speeds and feeds?