As Marketing Struggles To Keep Pace Will IT Come to the Rescue?

A recent study shows that social media engagement from the customer side is way up but marketers can’t keep pace.

The report by Sprout Social and repackaged by eMarketer shows the following response times and response rates for various industries and the numbers are not very impressive.

Social Media Response Times

The popular question here at a data center centric blog is “What does this have to do with data centers and IT?”. Well, that may be something IT needs to seriously consider. As the IT function becomes more and more integrated with the entire organization it is incumbent upon those with the technical know how to offer technical solutions to the business problems that other disciplines are facing and, in essence, creating.

That’s a long way of saying “Is your IT department being proactive and looking to solve business issues that drive revenue or is it just being a traditional IT shop?” If you are being ‘typical’ you may want to reconsider. Imagine being proactive and solving a business problem that drives revenue rather than reacting to problems? Would that change your seat at the table in discussion of budget etc?

Progressive IT players are looking at ways to solve business issues through automation and more. Why sit and wait when you can reach out and possibly help move the business forward?