Local Raleigh Company Announces Email Marketing Trends for Nov. – Dec 2013

Bronto LogoOK, you’re thinking, “Isn’t this supposed to be an IT blog so why are we talking about marketing?”.

Being a data center / IT blog is precisely why we are looking at these trends. Still confused? Think of it this way. If your infrastructure is ready for spikes that could be caused by effective marketing from your company then IT is a hero and no one gets concerned.

If you are unprepared, however, for a spike in traffic or orders or whatever because you were unaware of the latest efforts from marketing (shame on you and marketing, by the way) then you are dragged into the corporate public square and vilified.

So the idea is that as effective IT folks it is incumbent upon you to be aware of the business as a whole so that increased workloads etc can be anticipated and prepared for. Being in IT is a lot less about speeds and feeds vs. business acumen these days.

So back to our original point. Bronto as described on their website “provides a cloud-based marketing platform for retailers to drive revenue through their email, mobile and social campaigns.” They also track trends and they have released some stats from last holiday season that might be of interest.

The two charts below show some interesting trends

Nov 12-13 Compared

Dec 12-13 Compared

In essence, depending on the day of the week the trends are either up or down. Does this mean that email is becoming less effective since there are the dreaded decreases in numbers year over year? Not necessarily. It could simply mean the email marketers are getting smarter and are choosing the right days to send messages vs. just sending them.

Of course it could also mean that email use is going down. That said it is probably a good idea for forward thinking IT folks to be actively engaging their marketing teams to learn about what they are doing, when they are doing it, why they are doing it and then jointly determining the impact on the infrastructure that these moves could have.

Are you doing this kind of outreach with your marketing folks? If not, should you be?