Local Cary Company Helping Independent Schools Figure Out Tech Needs

SchoolDude LogoSchoolDude is teaming with the National Business Officers Association (NBOA) to help independent schools better understand their ever increasing IT infrastructure needs.

As it should be, schools are about educating people not necessarily being tech experts. With the change in education delivery as more ‘classroom’ environments move online, schools are being forced to be more technologically savvy. The trouble is that since there are so many different ways to approach any technology issue or concern it often leaves organizations in s perpetual holding pattern. This study, as reported by WRAL TechWire is aimed at adding some form to the theory.

Cary-based SchoolDude is working with the National Business Officers Association (NBOA) to launch a survey of independent schools in order to create a technology benchmark. It’s the first such survey of independent schools, says SchoolDude, which works with education institutions to better improve use of technology.

The survey will focus on technology staffing, budget, priorities and challenges among independent schools as well as technology trends. Results will be announced in March.

Most industries are in dire need of standards that can provide basic guidelines for tech success. If a company is not a ‘tech company’ (what in the world is the exact definition of that anyway?) it can be near impossible to have the staff or even the trustworthy outside help that can give appropriate guidance. Companies that make widgets need to make widgets and not manage (or simply try to figure out how to manage) IT infrastructures. It can be a bottleneck that could hurt productivity and ultimately the performance of the organization.

There are many efforts underway to try to do this exact thing in many industries but it will be up to the individual companies to seek them out. Also, make sure that the study’s sponsors are not skewing results to favor their solutions. Sorry for the cynicism but it’s better to be safe than sorry with this kind of thing.

Does your industry have IT standards that are published through trusted sources? If not, would it be to your benefit to put it together to gain some thought leadership goodwill? Think about it.