HP Job Cuts Should Make IT Folks Think A Little

HP LogoHP is announcing deeper job cuts as we roll into 2014.

Data Center Journal reports

Citing challenging business conditions, PC maker Hewlett-Packard (HP) has expanded its plan to cut jobs in 2014, raising the number of out-of-luck employees from 29,000 to 34,000. According to The Street, HP employed about 317,500 workers as of October 31 of last year. The recent slide in PC sales has been tough for the company, which at one point had considered divesting its PC sales business. The restructuring project under the leadership of CEO Meg Whitman includes more than just job cuts; the company plans to also consolidate data center and real estate holdings, with the project’s price tag expected to exceed $4.1 billion, according to ZDNet.

In other words, HP is positioning itself for the future but exactly what that new year holds is something that we can only speculate about unless you are there on the HP front lines.

In the end, as IT folks it is very important to follow the fortunes of vendors and suppliers. New companies without a track record or older companies that are showing signs of strain should be red flags when making spending commitments. The old adage of “No one ever got fired for hiring IBM” is just that ……. old.

The onus is on the buyer in the tech space to do more than just a speeds and feeds look at tech.

Are you doing that or should that be something to concentrate on in the new year?