Is Content Marketing an IT Concern?

I realize that this is a bit of a different thought for a data center centric blog but as we move further and further into the Internet age the lines between IT and every business function will continue to blur.

Now that I get my daily run-on sentence out of the way, let’s look at some information that was put curated by eMarketer from data collected by Curata. I used the word curation because that is a key component of today’s marketing and it will ultimately require IT to be able to easily store, manage and disseminate the data to assist in marketing of a company.

But there’s a problem. Simply put “Content marketing ain’t easy”. Take a look at some of the struggles being encountered by marketers themselves.

Content Marketing

So what’s this have to do with IT? Glad you asked.

Marketers are finding it hard to get data in usable form (curation) to deliver to their end users. Especially in an environment where technical know-how is critical expect a knock on the IT department’s door from none other than marketing.

Imagine that part of your job is going to be about writing a blog post about your product that ‘regular’ folks can understand. Think that’s a fantasy scenario? Think again.

Get ready IT because you are about to become marketers whether you like it or not. And if you think saying no is a good career move you may want to think again.