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Are You Cloud Bound in 2014? Some Questions to Ponder On Your Way

Cloud ComputingThe cloud! The cloud! It reminds me of Mr. Roarke’s assistant Tattoo screaming “The plane! The plane!” way back when on the ancient TV show “Fantasy Island”.

So many people are screaming about the cloud but even fewer truly know about the cloud. In other words, there is a fair amount of misinformation out there about cloud computing and it is hurting the industry, in my opinion. Having an Internet marketing background it reminds me of the same track SEO (search engine optimization) took. Anyone and everyone defined the practice to the point that it became anything and everything thus nothing.

2013 Data Center Outage Highlights

reddit-down-awsAs someone who works in the data center business it’s never good to talk about outages. Sure you can say something about a competitor and problems they may have had but overall that comes of rather poorly and unprofessional. Why? Because the data center business is technology and as those of you reading this who work in any aspect of technology knows, stuff happens.

Redundancies are built in. Systems are monitored. Yet still there are outages that occur. Once again we can ask why and the simplest answer is that this is a complex business and, once again, stuff happens.

Predictions About the Cloud for 2014 and More

CIO LogoOne of the things I hope to accomplish here at is to simply pass along some interesting content that might help you understand a concept better or just give you an idea.

This is a good example of what I am talking about.

From we get two articles, 10 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2014 and CIO’s Should Learn the Two Metrics That Matter.


Salesforce Essentials in Raleigh – A Few Takeaways

Salesforce logoYesterday, I was pleasantly surprised by an event that Salesforce did in Raleigh at the Crabtree Marriott called Salesforce Essentials.

Aside from a scheduling glitch that likely cost more than a few attendees valuable time (originally the invite went out with the wrong hotel listed and the communication to correct that was lacking a bit) the presentation was pretty cool.

Salesforce positions themselves as the ultimate cloud company. No software! And it obviously works as they claimed 130,000 attendees to their Dreamforce conference this year in San Francisco.

NCTA Emerging Tech + Trends Event Addresses In-House or Outsource Data Center Needs

NCTANCTA ( North Carolina Technology Association) had its latest Emerging Tech + Trends event at the Sentinel Data Center facility in Durham this morning. For full disclosure Peak 10 is a sponsor of this series but since we are talking about our ‘competitor’ it all comes out in the wash, right 😉 ?

The event was titled “Next Gen Enterprise Data Centers – Build or Outsource?” and the panel was a group of local ‘heavy hitters’ which included:

Paul Hines, VP Operations & Engineering – Sentinel Data Centers
Jo Abernathy, CIO – Blue Cross and Blue Shield of NC
Joe Freddoso, President & CEO – MCNC
Enoch Moeller, IT Site Leader – Google
Billy Willis, CTO – Duke University Health System

Welcome to

welcome-mouse-padThis is a bit of an experiment.

The idea is to be a disseminator of information about the data center world. It is to be provider agnostic although the admin of the site (that would be me, Frank Reed) is an account executive with Peak 10 located in Morrisville.

The point of this site is be a new clearinghouse of sorts and to share some interesting pieces of information that either relate directly to data center business or to related issues which could consist of just about anything.

Hopefully you will find the daily information useful and will keep coming back.